Meet OSU’s Veteran Team Leads

EcoCAR, a competition bringing together teams of students from many different majors, races, cultures, and genders, to take on an intimidating challenge to transform a 2019 Chevrolet Blazer into a hybrid electric vehicle with advanced technologies and connected and automated systems. This project requires expertise and sub-teams specializing in everything from Propulsion Systems Integration to Project Management to ensure the team finds success. Highlighted here are the team’s most veteran leaders and current Engineering Managers for the Ohio State EcoCAR Team. 

Kristina Kuwabara, in addition to being an OSU Engineering Manager, is the Propulsion System’s Control and Modelling lead. She is from Baltimore, Maryland, but grew up a Buckeye fan and ventured to Ohio State to major in Mechanical Engineering. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Kristina joined EcoCAR her freshman year, as she sought out an opportunity for hands on experience to apply what she was learning in the classroom. Six years later, Kristina is so thankful for the friendships and the constant learning opportunities from the organization. When she’s not hard at work for EcoCAR, she loves to travel and has visited eight different countries with plans to journey to more after graduation. 

Phillip Dalke, the other OSU Engineering Manager, leads the Propulsion Systems Integration sub-team. He loves EcoCAR, because the competition encourages new ideas, while exploring the vehicle design and manufacturing process. He was drawn to EcoCAR at Ohio State since he grew up working on and racing cars with his dad during his childhood in Madison, Ohio. Phillip is currently working on his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and hopes to continue his career in the automotive industry after graduation. 

The EcoCAR competition provides an excellent opportunity for people to come together and grow academically and professionally. The OSU team wouldn’t be the same without the relationships built and passions shared between teammates, promoting success as a team.