Meet The UA EcoCAR 3 Team’s Control Systems Sub-Team Lead: Josh Stoddard

Josh Stoddard is the Control Systems Sub-Team Lead for The University of Alabama’s EcoCAR 3 Team. Josh is a senior from Memphis, Tennessee majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He also participates in the university’s STEM Path to the MBA program. The purpose of the program is to provide STEM students with the business knowledge needed to successfully manage high-tech businesses. With a strong work ethic and spirit of collaboration, Josh successfully leads his sub-team and maintains the team’s morale. According to Josh, the EcoCAR 3 competition has allowed him to collaborate with various students from a multitude of campus disciplines, he believes these collaborations are instrumental to the success of the team.

To learn more about Josh Stoddard and his passion for the EcoCAR 3 program watch here: