MSU EcoCAR Pitches In for Nashville’s Art2STEM

April 13th was an exciting day for Mississippi State EcoCAR team (MSU). They travelled to Nashville, TN to visit McGavock High School to participate in the city’s Art2STEM program. The program encourages high school students to take interest in the academic areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math by helping them appreciate the importance of creativity in these areas.

While in Nashville, the MSU team talked to six different groups of high school students about EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge and the specific technology of their car. They also had the opportunity to show off the car after each discussion. The students were all inquisitive and showed a great deal of interest in the EcoCAR’s technology and other hybrid architectures. Their questions brought about great discussions, and the team felt that the trip was extremely successful.

They can’t wait to go back to McGavock High in the future!