MSU Strives to Increase Engine’s Efficiency and Performance with Water Injection


The Mississippi State University (MSU) EcoCAR 3 team seeks to innovate automotive technology that focuses on improving efficiency while maintaining the vehicle’s high-performance standards. By injecting water into the intake manifold of the team’s turbocharged, two cylinder engine, the vehicle’s overall fuel consumption will be reduced, in turn improving the vehicle’s miles-per-gallon rate. Additionally, water injection will decrease the engine’s overall temperature, increasing operation safety, as well as increasing the vehicle’s overall torque and horsepower.MSU_InnovationTopic_FeatureImage

According to the team’s Engineering Manager Jared Oakley, “MSU’s goals for its innovation topic water injection are to decrease the fuel consumption coming out of the engine so we get a higher mile per gallon rate out of the engine. Additionally, we are looking to review the temperature of the engine so that it is safe for operating. Lastly, we are looking to get more torque and horsepower out of our engine.”MSU_InnovationTopic_Image2

Currently, the team is collecting data through trials run on an engine test stand. Upon completion of the testing phase, the team will begin implementing water injection into the engine located in the team’s 2016 Chevrolet Camaro.MSU_InnovationTopic_Image3