Ohio State Alumnus Interns with General Motors and Clean Fuels Ohio

Joswick, driving a Chevy Camaro last summer

Joswick, driving a Chevy Camaro last summer

Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) alumnus Tyler Joswick is staying connected to the field of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles. As a 2012 graduate of the Ohio State University, Joswick has found himself in two positions that he was able to secure because of his experiences as co-communications manager of Ohio State’s EcoCAR team.

After completing his bachelor’s degree at OSU, he was accepted into Franklin University’s MBA program in Columbus. During his first year of graduate school, Joswick secured an internship with the Clean Cities University Workforce Development Program (CCUWDP). The internship allowed him to work closely with Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) in redesigning the Coalition’s website and produce a series of success story videos.

“My position with CFO would not be possible if it wasn’t for my participation in EcoCAR 2,” said Joswick.

After a successful year-long internship with CFO, Joswick wanted to learn more about advanced vehicle technologies. In the end, he found himself moving to Detroit, Michigan and connecting with another EcoCAR 2 sponsor, General Motors.

This past summer, Joswick interned for General Motors’ Global Strategic Marketing Team.

“I performed project management for Chevrolet’s partnership with the Manchester United Football Team. In addition, I worked with GM Media Operations in analyzing Global Share of Voice, assisted in the development of archival systems for Global Media, and supported Chevrolet’s Millennial Marketing Strategy,” he said.

After a successful summer internship, Joswick was offered a position at General Motors, which he will start after the completion of his MBA in June 2014. “I am very excited to start my career,” he said. While he finishes up his last year at Franklin University, Joswick plans on volunteering with the Clean Fuels Ohio Coalition and assisting them in many outreach events.

“The EcoCAR and AVTC program allowed me to really expand my knowledge of the automotive industry, and for that, I am thankful,” said Joswick.