Ohio State Thanks TRC

Written by Paige Jones and Nick Tomczak

Transportation Research Center, Inc., located in East Liberty, Ohio, is the largest independent proving ground and vehicle testing center.

The track was built in 1962 by The Ohio State University, and has become the largest proving ground in the nation. TRC facilities provide customers state-of-the-art facilities to meet all testing needs. These facilities include: a 50-acre vehicle dynamic area; 4,500 acres of road courses; and 7.5 miles of high-speed tracks. The track is open 24/7, providing customers with a secure facility to which they can take a vehicle to be tested and validated year-round.

The Ohio State EcoCAR team will be visiting TRC this week to participate in the Emissions Testing Event (ETE). According to Ohio State EcoCAR Engineering Manager, Brandon Bishop, “We are excited to have another opportunity to work with one of our sponsors and continue to improve our vehicle through dyno testing. Having a chance to collect high quality emissions data will be incredibly important to improve our vehicle moving forward.” He added, “The main goal of ETE for us is to study the effectiveness of the start-stop system that we have developed for competition this year. In addition, we are looking to collect emissions data over short drive cycles to improve our engine performance during startup.”

Take a look inside the TRC facility in the video below created by the Ohio State EcoCAR team:

The Ohio State EcoCAR team thanks TRC for the sponsorship and all the support they have received and are looking forward to attending ETE!