Overview of Training Sessions at Fall Workshop

In less than one week, students and advisors will travel to Pontiac, Michigan to participate in the EcoCAR 2 Fall Workshop. Hosted by General Motors at the company’s Powertrain Headquarters, teams will have the opportunity to participate in more than 50 training sessions ranging from hands-on software training to in-depth training on sponsor-donated hardware.

One highly-anticipated session will be the Energy Storage System Deep Dive led by Platinum Sponsor, A123 Systems. Speakers Tony Knakal and Joe Salini will provide an overview of the battery components donated by A123 to EcoCAR teams and will include guidelines and recommended best practices for battery pack design.

Teams can also attend a two-day training session with dSPACE, Inc., presented by Donald Saldano, Tobias Eifler, Christian Sauerland, and Joe Cassar of dSPACE. The session includes hands-on training with ControlDesk, dSPACE hardware, and real-time interface (RTI), as well as introductions to dSPACE ASM models, mid-size HILs and components, and dSPACE MicroAutobox and bench vehicle integration.

Students and advisors can also attend an AVL DRIVE Quality session, presented by Phil Shaw from AVL Powertrain Engineering, which will include an introduction to drivability, the AVL DRIVE  program, how drivability fits into the development process, and how to set teams up for success in Years Two and Three.  Teams will also receive literature on the mechanics of the AVL DRIVE program and more!

The session from Vector CANtech will include an overview of CANoe and CANanalyzer. Given by Jun Lin, Mark Schwager, and Michael Alexander of Vector, students and advisors can learn about configuring tools to send, receive, and log data on their controllers, how to work with DBC files, and how to work with CANoe model creation.

Teams can also attend sessions from ETAS, MathWorks, Woodward, Siemens, CD-adapco, Freescale, and General Motors. Check the Green Garage Blog for additional details on those sessions! We look forward to seeing the outcomes of the EcoCAR 2 Fall Workshop!