PACCAR helps UW EcoCAR put Innovation to the Test

Written by: Kellen Potocsnak

The University of Washington EcoCAR team is honored to receive all the support from our sponsors over the years, and their commitment to our team has helped guide our program through the competition so far. PACCAR has consistently been there to support our program by advising our team and allowing us to use the PACCAR Technical Center (PTC) in Mt. Vernon, Washington. Before it’s time to take the car out of the garage and onto the roads, PACCAR is there to help put our innovation to the test.

UWash_PACCAR helps UW EcoCAR put Innovation to the Test_Feature ImageHaving resources, such as the PTC, allows our team to guarantee high production quality beyond the limits of simulations and in-house tests. A large component of the fourth year in the EcoCAR3 competition is making sure our car is showroom ready. To do so, our Camaro will be tested to perform on the open road. Recently, PACCAR invited us to use the PTC facility to test our battery pack and other electronic components in the car in an open road scenario. PACCAR’s Technical Centers are equipped with state-of-the-art product development and validation capabilities and staffed with experts in powertrain and vehicle development, which allowed us to test and troubleshoot on site with the help of the PACCAR team.

UWash_PACCAR helps UW EcoCAR put Innovation to the Test_2

Rachel Krause, one of UW EcoCAR’s mechanical team co-leads, and interned with PACCAR over Summer. Krause was one of the team members who went to the PTC and was very appreciative of the experience. “It was a great opportunity to get to drive our car at the technical center. We were on the track for around four hours and we were able to get some solid data on our state of charge and emissions that day,” said Krause of her experience at the PTC.


PACCAR consistently goes above and beyond their role as a competition sponsor. Year after year, PACCAR graciously offers our team the opportunity to utilize their facilities, provide professional advice, and provide various internship and employment opportunities. Through their generosity, PACCAR has shown an outstanding level of commitment to us as students in the EcoCAR 3 program, and have created valuable opportunities for countless innovative automotive engineers.