Sponsor Spotlight: Georgia Tech Thanks Vector

Thanks to Vector Informatik’s sponsorship of the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge, the Georgia Tech team has access to professional hardware and software that is essential for success in the competition.

In EcoCAR 3, the team received a VN1630 log, which is used every time they operate their hybrid Camaro. This module simultaneously records data across four of the vehicle’s CAN buses which helps the team record and review critical data about how the vehicle performs, and they use this data regularly to debug issues and improve the vehicle. The team is excited to continue using Vector products in the current competition with the Chevrolet Blazer. Engineering Manager, Sterling Smith, commented, “There’s a lot of budget alternatives that we’ve used that pale in comparison in terms of what the Vector products are capable of.”

Vector software also plays a critical role every time the team performs bench testing. Whether they are validating the correct operation of a new component, gathering baseline data for sensors, or testing any new software changes, they are regularly using CANoe and a CANcaseXL to help conduct testing. The CANoe software package has been beneficial to the team, particularly given it’s user-friendly interface which allows new team members to easily learn the software and begin conducting tests and collecting data. “The software is easy to use and flexible,” Sterling said, “Very little time is needed to set up and start doing analysis or data logging—you can just jump right in.”

The knowledge and experience that team members gain using Vector software and hardware gives them a one-up over other candidates when looking for jobs or internships. Many students have expressed how valuable their time on the Georgia Tech EcoCAR team has been by giving them the opportunity to work with these professional tools that are crucial to the industry.