Team Tennessee celebrates the naming of the Tickle College of Engineering

Recently, UT’s EcoCAR 3 team celebrated the naming of the Tickle College of Engineering by participating in the dedication event with Mr. John D. Tickle, UT Chancellor Cheek, Tickle College of Engineering Dean Davis, and the University of Tennessee student community. To honor Mr. Tickle’s support of the university, Team Tennessee unveiled the team’s 2016 Camaro with an addition of Mr. Tickle’s signature above the doors of the car.

Before the unveiling began, the campus community gathered to celebrate the Tickle College of Engineering and learn about how programs such as EcoCAR 3 offer unique hands-on learning opportunities to University of Tennessee students.

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Mr. Tickle, who is a 1965 industrial engineering alumni, spoke about his experiences at the University of Tennessee, the lessons he has learned from years of hard work and dedication, and the importance of supporting the college that offered him a foundation for his career.


University of Tennessee Chancellor Cheek spoke about the friendship and support that Mr. Tickle has shown to UT throughout the years, and thanked him for his continued generosity to the university.

As a token of Team Tennessee’s gratitude, the team presented Mr. Tickle with a miniature version of the UT-designed 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, that included his signature atop the vehicle.


Team Tennessee then unveiled the student-designed and built 2016 Chevrolet Camaro that now bears Mr. Tickle’s signature.


Chancellor Cheek and Mr. Tickle then spoke with the UT EcoCAR 3 students about their design for the hybrid 2016 Camaro, and the classes and hands on experience that support the team’s research and design.

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Team Tennessee was honored to talk with Mr. Tickle about the opportunities that EcoCAR 3 has offered our students. Our team appreciates Mr. Tickle’s generosity and looks forward to participating in the Tickle College of Engineering’s future.


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