The Year 4 Competition Begins!

Today kicks off the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge series finale in Yuma, AZ.

The 11 participating teams are charged up and ready to take on the final challenge of this series: dynamic vehicle testing events and year-end presentations.

This year-end competition will feature an array of vehicle testing events at General Motor’s Desert Proving Ground in Yuma, AZ through May 13. Vehicle testing events will include an On-Road Safety Evaluation, Energy Consumption, Adaptive Cruise Control Drive Quality, the Connected Mobility Challenge, and more!

Teams will transition to Phoenix, AZ on Saturday May 14th by participating in an Over the Road Event modelled after industry standard “Buyoff Rides.” This activity challenges teams to complete a 150-plus mile drive, which will conclude at the Phoenix Raceway.

Built in 1964, the Phoenix Raceway is home to two annual NASCAR race weekends. The Phoenix Raceway will host the EcoCAR teams through May 17th as they participate in the Consumer Appeal, Human Machine / User Interface Evaluation, and the EcoCAR Demo Day.

Beginning May 18, teams will deliver 7 presentations to a total of 65 judges from the 25+ EcoCAR competition sponsors. The competition finale on May 20th will include a Sponsor Social Networking & Recruiting Event where the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge competition sponsors will have the opportunity to recruit the competition’s top talent.

The series will conclude with the Year 4 Awards Ceremony at the historic Arizona Biltmore where teams will take home more than $100K in prize money!

Be sure to follow along on social media these next two weeks as we share more details about the competition and updates from teams!

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