A Letter to the EcoCAR Graduating Class of 2021

Congratulations on reaching two major milestones – earning a college degree from a top university and joining the prestigious network of alumni of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTC). You join more than 25,000 other AVTC alumni who have helped shape mobility for more than three decades.

You all rose to the occasion and made the most of this program this year. You excelled even under the challenging conditions of the ongoing pandemic. You united and adapted. For that, we want to recognize all your extraordinary work with your EcoCAR team. Your enthusiastic dedication to the competition has demonstrated that you are truly a leader of your generation for advancing the ideas that will create lasting energy solutions.

As you know, this partnership between government, industry and academia aims to solve real-world, technical challenges. It also exemplifies the commitment to developing the workforce for the next generation of engineers and scientists. You represent the best and the brightest in engineering and are pushing the auto industry forward and moving toward clean energy jobs. These efforts will help boost the energy efficiency of vehicles and lead the way for cleaner, more affordable mobility.

Thank you for your dedication to your teams, to the automotive industry and to EcoCAR.

We join our fellow sponsors including General Motors and MathWorks, to thank you once again for your service, and we wish you all the best as you embark on your career and future endeavors.



Kelly Speakes-Backman

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary & Acting Assistant Secretary for Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy

Paul Kearns

Laboratory Director, Argonne National Laboratory



Congratulations to our Graduating Students:

Rachel Abbott Embry-Riddle
Achaiah Abul Embry-Riddle
Nestor Carrera Embry-Riddle
Brandon Carrier Embry-Riddle
Jaime Harmon Embry-Riddle
Luke Keefe Embry-Riddle
Victor Kostyuk Embry-Riddle
Micah Martin Embry-Riddle
Abrielle Otero Embry-Riddle
Emily Parcell Embry-Riddle
Shivani Patel Embry-Riddle
Margaret Pisacano Embry-Riddle
Cristina Roy Embry-Riddle
Alex Shiffer Embry-Riddle
Brady Slaughter Embry-Riddle
Mark Sterling Embry-Riddle
Connor Henderson Georgia Tech
Xi Li Georgia Tech
Bria Matthews Georgia Tech
Danny Nguyen Georgia Tech
Madhavan Thirumani Rajagopalan Georgia Tech
Jingxuan Wang Georgia Tech
Marc Godin McMaster University
Simon Gyorkos McMaster University
Wayne Lu McMaster University
Matthieu Orr McMaster University
Ethan Pereira McMaster University
Sam Thurston McMaster University
Jennifer Tsui McMaster University
Blake Berry Mississippi State University
Andrew Byers Mississippi State University
Morgan Cox Mississippi State University
Zouhair El Hadri Mississippi State University
Karl Grebner Mississippi State University
Moinul Haque Mississippi State University
Vance Hudson Mississippi State University
Brody Matthews Mississippi State University
Phuoc (Phoebe) Nguyen Mississippi State University
Timothy Reaux Mississippi State University
Miguel Rivera Mississippi State University
Ryan Stallcup Mississippi State University
Bryanna Trulove Mississippi State University
Tyler Windham Mississippi State University
sarthak gupta Ohio State Univeristy
Bryce Hammerberg Ohio State Univeristy
Pranav Karanth Ohio State Univeristy
Timothy Kirby Ohio State Univeristy
Kerri Loyd Ohio State Univeristy
Wilson Perez Ohio State Univeristy
Rejath Shaji Simon Ohio State Univeristy
Kanna Sundararaman Venkateshwara Ohio State Univeristy
Dung Truong Ohio State Univeristy
Michaela Alexander University of Alabama
Ty Brazeal University of Alabama
Nikolaus Collins University of Alabama
Maddie Gall University of Alabama
Madeline Gilmer University of Alabama
Tyler Husko University of Alabama
Brooklyn Pfanstiel University of Alabama
Zach Robbins University of Alabama
Palmer Swanson University of Alabama
Mary Katherine Winfield University of Alabama
Daniel Blalock University of Tennessee
Lily Crosby University of Tennessee
Evan Day University of Tennessee
Bryan Farley University of Tennessee
Alejandro Ferre University of Tennessee
Mikhail Habib University of Tennessee
Kirillos Mikhaiel University of Tennessee
Bryce Petty University of Tennessee
Richard Swan University of Tennessee
Conner Zabo University of Tennessee
Livia Anderson University of Washington
Alex Argyle University of Washington
Lawrence Atienza University of Washington
Yesenia Ceron Nava University of Washington
Alicia Gim University of Washington
Trager Joswig-Jones University of Washington
John Keller University of Washington
Christopher Lo University of Washington
Haoran Ma University of Washington
Naveen Mathan Sundaram University of Washington
Sydney Platt University of Washington
Carlos Sama University of Washington
Dale Simpson University of Washington
Jethro Swain University of Washington
Mitchell Yonemitsu University of Washington
Jenson Yuen University of Washington
Asad Bhatti University of Waterloo
Telly Bitsakakis University of Waterloo
Paul Boctor University of Waterloo
Sachin Fernando University of Waterloo
Mehrunnisa Kharodia University of Waterloo
Leslie Legge University of Waterloo
Aidan O’Gorman University of Waterloo
Ray Albert Pangilinan University of Waterloo
Steve Park University of Waterloo
Brendan Shannon University of Waterloo
Dan Yang University of Waterloo
Mohamed Bahr Virginia Tech
Matt Belton Virginia Tech
Youssef Bourdi Virginia Tech
Patrick Braun Virginia Tech
Andrew Coe Virginia Tech
Heinrich Curtis Virginia Tech
Mohamed Elleithy Virginia Tech
Dan Harvey Virginia Tech
Ethan Holz Virginia Tech
Alex Keller Virginia Tech
Tae-Hoon Kim Virginia Tech
Thomas Legg Virginia Tech
Jacob Levin Virginia Tech
Candy Li Virginia Tech
Kyle Machel Virginia Tech
Nicholas Merkle Virginia Tech
Ryan Reynolds Virginia Tech
Timothy Ryan Virginia Tech
Antara Sahay Virginia Tech
Ethan Sheffield Virginia Tech
Akshay Shetty Virginia Tech
Jordan Thomas Virginia Tech
Justin Wu Virginia Tech
Michael Zerr Virginia Tech
Hasan Abdullah West Virnia University
Na’ima Alhabbas West Virnia University
Abdulkareem Alnemah West Virnia University
Huseen Alqallaf West Virnia University
Abdullrahman Alsardi West Virnia University
Joshua Baldino West Virnia University
Erin Banda West Virnia University
Harrison Banks West Virnia University
Kameron Bolinger West Virnia University
Matthew Brock West Virnia University
William Cawthrone West Virnia University
Stanley Cheng West Virnia University
Hayden Cole West Virnia University
Dylan Collis West Virnia University
Alexander Colon West Virnia University
Austin Cottrill West Virnia University
Jared Diethorn West Virnia University
Zachary Flanigan West Virnia University
William Gongola West Virnia University
Jessica Hammersla West Virnia University
Jairus Hampton West Virnia University
Morgan Harris West Virnia University
Colin Kellett West Virnia University
Joseph Mahiya West Virnia University
Hawraa Masri West Virnia University
Tyler McClaskey West Virnia University
Weston McMinn West Virnia University
Benton Morris West Virnia University
Dhary Omar West Virnia University
John Ost-Prisco West Virnia University
Isiah Phares West Virnia University
Shane Robinson West Virnia University
Jeremy Rudmann West Virnia University
Hasan Sadeq West Virnia University
Tahsin Islam Sakif West Virnia University
Sami Sankari West Virnia University
Robert Scatterday West Virnia University
Robert Schatzel West Virnia University
Matthew Sigue West Virnia University
Chandler Stefanek West Virnia University
Joseph Sullivan West Virnia University
Alexander Sutton West Virnia University
Alyssa Taylor West Virnia University
Noah Thayer West Virnia University
Robert Webster West Virnia University
Brandon White West Virnia University
Kevin Wynn West Virnia University