UA EcoCAR 3 Team Hosts “Coming in Clutch” Sponsor Social

The UA EcoCAR 3 team recently hosted a sponsor social event that gave sponsors the opportunity to receive an in-depth look at what fuels the team’s innovative operations. “Innovation is really going to drive the economy for the future,” said LawDocs CEO and local UA EcoCAR 3 sponsor Catherine Massey.

ua-ecocar-3-team_ua-ecocar-3-team-hosts-coming-in-clutch-sponsor-social_featureimageThe event kicked off with a look into the communications team and a tour of the College of Communication and Information Sciences. Sponsors also had the opportunity to see Capstone Agency, the nationally awarded student-run integrated communications firm that assists the communications team. Lunch was provided for the sponsors by the UA EcoCAR 3 Team. This gave the sponsors the opportunity to speak with members of the team and learn more about each member’s individual role within EcoCAR 3.

“I am really impressed by the work that the EcoCAR 3 Team is doing, especially being able to effectively collaborate between the different departments of engineering and communications,” Massey said. “It really shows the innovation of the team members.”

Shortly after, the heads of the communications and engineering departments explained the structure of their sectors, while UA EcoCAR 3 Project Manager Trevor Ford gave sponsors an overview of the team and their

“Anytime we have an opportunity to get our local sponsors on site we like to,” said Ford, who started working on EcoCAR 3 in the spring of 2016. “We want to show our gratitude to our sponsors and let them as well as the public know how much we appreciate their donations and dedication because it not only positively impacts our team but the university as well,” Ford said.

After receiving a thorough review of what the UA EcoCAR 3 team has been up to this past year, the sponsors had the opportunity to visit the team garage and see the car. This occasion allowed sponsors the opportunity to really grasp and understand the different parts of the car along with the time, knowledge, patience and techniques that go into making a car.

Written by: Audrey Thomas, Senior at The University of Alabama and Media Relations member of the UA EcoCAR 3 Team