WATN: CSU EcoCAR 2 Alumna Noel Marshall

Former EcoCAR 2 participant, Noel Marshall, graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2012. During her time at CSU, Marshall was a member of the CSU EcoCAR 2 program. Marshall currently works at Arrow Electronics as an applications engineer. Arrow Electonics is a global provider of products, services, and solutions to industrial and commercial Noel 1users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions.

According to Arrow Electonics, in June 2013, engineers and medical researchers at Arrow joined forces to work toward a common goal, modifying a car to be safely driven by head movements for a quadriplegic race driver. The project was created after former Indy Racing League driver, Sam Schmidt, crashed in a tragic Indy racing accident and severely injured his spinal cord in 2000. Schmidt had a dream to drive again. The team at Arrow began working on the project to create a Semi-Autonomous Motorcar, also known as SAM. Marshall became the lead engineer for this project and worked on systems integration, safety analysis, seating, restraint, computer-aided design simulations, and a variety of other systems for the SAM project.

Recently, Noel was featured in CSU’s SOURCE, where she stressed the skills she learned through EcoCAR samthat gave her immense experience with 12-volt systems and eventually led to a full-time position at Arrow after graduation. “It was my first experience being on such a large team, and it was challenge,” she said.

“The biggest thing I learned with EcoCAR was that if someone says it can’t be done or it shouldn’t be done, that’s when you should pursue it,” Marshall said. “Because it could be groundbreaking. If you push the envelope and push yourself, that’s where the growth happens, and that’s where you learn.”

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