WAVE 1 is a Wrap!

WAVE 1 is a wrap! From October 11-15, EcoCAR teams are traveling in 2 separate waves to the General Motors Milford Proving Ground where each team’s 2019 Chevrolet Blazer is being inspected by a robust group of competition inspectors.

During WAVE 1 from Oct 11-13, UA, ERAU, VT and OSU breezed through Vehicle Technical Inspections. MSU and UWAFT are getting attention this week to prep for the year ahead.

“The energy has been tremendous and the excitement is contagious. All the students are pumped to be back together again and doing EcoCAR. Even if we can only see masks and eyeballs, it’s a great feeling,” Jesse Alley, AVTC Technical Project Manager. “Teams exceeded our expectations for integration quality. We didn’t know what we were going to get because most of these cars had never been inspected, but the teams have done an outstanding job of persevering during the pandemic and continuing to make progress on their vehicles.”

Hear from our Vehicle Technical Inspectors on the teams from WAVE 1:

UA’s car is pretty immaculate. They sailed through VTI and spent yesterday doing some controls / engine debugging. They also hosted a high school student on-site to introduce them to the world of Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTCs).

ERAU and OSU also progressed through VTI without any major snags. Their vehicles look great and are ready for on-road testing!

MSU has been getting lots of attention from HDS because of some pack issues. They were able to make a repair real-time on site. They are currently halfway through VTI. Once HDS is finished and their pack is buttoned up, we’ll get their live checks taken care of.

Waterloo came a long way this week and passed all safety checks. Given that this team has had substantial hurdles the last 18 months and very limited access to their car, we are proud of their progress.

The VTI process has been great learning opportunity for all students, we look forward to welcoming the WAVE 2 teams tomorrow!