WAVE 2 Concludes in Milford

It was a busy week at the General Motors Milford Proving Ground for the fall WAVE event. Each team received a thorough inspection with a robust group of inspectors. The teams have now returned to their respective universities and are on track to be able to self-certify for on-road testing.

Hear from our Vehicle Technical Inspectors about the WAVE 2 teams below:

UT’s integration was immaculate. Everything was clean and professional – your typical Butch car. They breezed through inspection.

WVU was similar and made quick work of inspections. They were both finished up early today.

GT took a little longer to make it through the process and had a few gremlins to chase down. We had to replace the DC/DC converter that mounts to the HEV4 battery. Once finished, they soared through VTI.

UW made great progress this week. They are prepared to go back to Seattle and get their vehicle in tip-top shape.

In addition, each team had the opportunity to participate in Connected and Automated Vehicle Connectivity training. This brought together all EcoCAR teams for hands-on training on Cohda MK5 radios. The students learned methods for simulating and on-road testing of various V2X connectivity systems. Teams will now be able to test V2X systems on their vehicle by simulating connected signalized intersections at their local test facilities.

Thanks to the teams and sponsors for making this event a great success!