Welcome Night Winners

Teams are back at the General Motors (GM) Desert Proving Ground this morning for Day 2 of the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge year 4 competition.

Yesterday teams arrived at the proving ground eager to get to work on the Blazers, adding the last few finishing touches before entering vehicle technical inspections (VTI). Each team’s 2019 Chevrolet Blazer will be reviewed by a robust group of competition inspectors in order to ensure vehicle safety aligns with industry standards. Once teams pass VTI, they are able to begin participating in vehicle testing events such as On-Road Safety Evaluation, Energy Consumption, Adaptive Cruise Control Drive Quality, the Connected Mobility Challenge, and more!

To wrap up Day 1 of competition, teams, sponsors and organizers gathered at Yuma’s local Z’s Fun Factory for the Welcome Night event.  AVTC Sr Program Manager, Jesse Alley, kicked-off the event with a warm welcome to teams following two years of virtual EcoCAR activities.

The room was filled with laughter as teams showcased student-produced skit videos, with the theme being “Late Night Commercials.” Teams spoofed popular commercials, as seen on TV ads, and some even created intros to their own EcoCAR TV shows. GT took the win with their skit, EcoCAR Mobility Challenge Drive to Hybridize Year 4, which pokes fun at the woes of being in a student competition.

Organizers then handed out the first awards of the year, the pre-competition deliverable awards.

Award Winners:

1st Place HMI/UX Prototype Integration & Evaluation Plan: Georgia Tech

1st Place Mid-Year Project Status Presentation: Ohio State University

1st place Execution Plan: Georgia Tech

1st Place Impact Report: University of Alabama


Just before the night concluded, AVTC Organizer, David Ord, announced the pre-competition rankings as the teams head into the series finale.

Pre-Competition Rankings are as follows:

4. University of Alabama

3. West Virginia University

2. Ohio State University

1. Georgia Tech

Nearly 800 points are still up for grabs during the dynamic vehicle events and static presentations!

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View photos from the event HERE!