What Makes the Hybrid Warriors Unique?


What makes the Hybrid Warriors Unique you may ask?

The Wayne State University EcoCAR 3 team, also known as the Hybrid Warriors, are located in the heart of Midtown Detroit. We are lucky to have the opportunity to participate in the EcoCAR 3 competition with some of the world’s most well-known car manufacturers right down the street. This wonderful hands-on opportunity prepares our team members for bright futures in the automotive industry alongside a plethora of suppliers, sponsors and industry mentors. If our roots in the automotive capital of the world didn’t set us apart in the competition already, diversity among our team members is one of our defining qualities. Of the 43 members of the team, 67% are international students, representing 9 different countries. The diversity within our team across multiple academic and professional backgrounds creates a dynamic that can’t be found anywhere else!

To learn more about the unique experiences and characteristics of the Hybrid Warriors, watch the video below: