Where Are They Now: ASU’s Josh Carroll

Carrol 1With EcoCAR 3 being the first Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) in which Arizona State University has participated, Josh Carroll pioneered many of the team’s current processes and expectations during his time as the role of Engineering Manger (EM) for ASU EcoCAR 3. Our team defines the role of the EM as someone who motivates others to persevere when times are challenging, keep the team focused on its long-term goals, and guide one’s team to success by encouraging collaboration and open communication. During Year 2 and YearASU_WATN_ 1 3 of EcoCAR 3, Josh encompassed all the characteristics as his time as EM to lead ASU’s efforts in such a prestigious and complex competition.

Chris Stubbs, ASU’s General Motors Mentor, said, “Josh shaped the program by helping with architecture selection and setting the tone of hard work and perseverance. He worked relentlessly for three years to make the car the best it could be, and encouraged the rest of the team to do the same.” Thanks to the vast array of knowledge Josh has accumulated throughout his time in the Navy and at ASU, “Josh was able to lead by example and help others along the way.”

ASU_WATN_3AVTCs not only prepare, but excite students to enter industry through the real-world, hands-on experience the program provides. After experiencing the vehicle-development process through EcoCAR 3, Josh Carroll decided to pursue a career in the automotive industry.

ASU_WATN_4After graduating in May 2017 with a Masters of Engineering degree from Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Josh moved to Michigan and began working at EcoCAR 3 competition leadership-level sponsor, Bosch. In his new role, he is involved with the Junior Management Program (JMP), where the company develops and trains its top talent to be Bosch’s future directors.

JMP trainees rotate through different positions within Bosch. Josh’s work through EcoCAR 3 the positions he had  qualified carolhim for his rotation in the JMP.  Josh explained, “My research in EcoCAR has led to the positions I have been offered for rotation. I currently sell thermal systems to original equipment manufacturers, which is a direct relationship with vehicle thermal systems analysis, the topic matter of my thesis. It has also opened up many pathways as I’m currently the only person in the wider rotational program from EcoCAR.”

As for the future, Josh aspires to be a senior executive one day at Bosch. Through strong leadership skills he has developed, the connections he has built, and the valuable engineering experience he gained through the EcoCAR 3 competition, Josh’s future is very bright in the automotive industry.