Where Are They Now: Beatrice Enckell

A native of Karlshamn, Sweden, Beatrice Enckell began her education at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the spring of 2009 on a track and field scholarship. While pursuing a degree in Business Administration Management she became involved in many student activities, including athletics, student government, the student athlete leadership team, and of course, EcoCAR 2. Beatrice used many of the skills she learned in EcoCAR 2 to help further her career in marketing.

Beatrice was introduced to EcoCAR 2 by one of her professors, Dr. Borrieci, in the spring of 2012. While a member of the Embry-Riddle EcoEagles, Beatrice assisted the team in both the outreach and business areas.

Currently Beatrice is working in Chicago, IL as a sales and marketing assistant for Jet Support Services, Inc. Her roles in EcoCAR 2 have helped shape her into an experienced marketing professional.

“We planned multiple marketing events and advertising campaigns,” Beatrice said. “The brainstorming activities and all the planning and organization we did for the Green Up campaign and final presentations have been very helpful.”

She said her favorite memory of being a part of the EcoEagles team was the overall experience she had at the final Year One competition in California.

“Being with the team in Hollywood and trying to decide on where to eat was pretty entertaining. Everyone had their own strong opinion and it took us an hour to finally sit down and order.”

The advanced vehicle technology competitions (AVTCs) are not only great hands-on experiences for the engineers, but the communications and business team members as well. As Beatrice can attest, getting involved with the AVTC programs or some other form of interactive project can prepare students for the real world.

“EcoCAR 2 was a great project. I regret that I didn’t join earlier, but I am glad I got involved in my last semester,” Beatrice said. “College classes should be based on hands-on projects like this. I learned so much more than I did in any of my classes, and it was way more fun!”