Where Are They Now: Catching Up with Ohio State’s Nick Tomczak

Written by: Brianna Antinoro


Ohio State University has participated in AVTCs since the early 1990s (check out the history of the program here!) and we’ve had a large number of people coming through the program. Whether we’re talking about those who were there for our first years of participation in the Natural Gas Vehicle Challenge (all the way back in the early ‘90s) or the few team members who graduated last year, alumni of our team have been invaluable for the contributions that they have brought while on our team.

Nick Tomczak, one of our more recent graduates of the team, was on the team for three years and was our Project Manager through Years 2 and 3 of EcoCAR 3. While in this position, Nick was awarded with 2nd place in Year 2 and 1st Place in Year 3 in overall Project Management, as well as the Best Competition Project Status presentation in Year 3. He brought a great energy to the team and was always ready to help out when you needed it.

Now, Nick works as an Area Manager at an Amazon Fulfillment Center in Kent, Washington. We were able to catch up with Nick and get an idea of where his skills have taken him and how EcoCAR 3 has helped benefit him as he moves forward.


Us: What does a standard day look like for you?

Nick: For me, a standard day consists of motivating, mentoring and coaching a team of around 150 associates while ensuring the highest levels of safety, quality and engagement.  Additionally, I ensure customer orders make it out in time and work on continuous improvement projects. Although there are many day-to-day operational tasks, no two days ever look the same.

Us: What skills did you learn from EcoCAR that have benefitted you in your current job?

Nick: The ability to lead and motivate teams, present to executives, and generate reports. The skills that I have learned in EcoCAR prepared me to excel in my current role.


Us: What was your favorite part of the EcoCAR 3 competition?

Nick: My favorite part of EcoCAR 3 was sharing competition goals and objectives with the community and leading my team to three 1st place finishes!

We are incredibly thankful to all of our previous team members for the dedication and drive that they showed while on our team. We’re very proud of our alumni who continue to be leaders in their industries and continue to represent Ohio State in a very positive light.