Where Are They Now: HEVT’s Tyler Krusen

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team (HEVT) at Virginia Tech has been a competitor in the AVTCs since the early 1990s. Throughout AVTCs, HEVT has been able to provide many students with the hands-on experience that propels them into success after they graduate from Virginia Tech. Tyler Krusen is one of those students.

Krusen began his journey with HEVT as a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering and wanted to join HEVT to be able to apply the things that he was learning in the classroom, to a real project. As a sophomore, Krusen began volunteering with the team during EcoCAR 3 and soon became a member of the mechanical subteam during his junior year at the beginning of the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge. As a senior, he served as the Mechanical subteam lead for the Propulsion Systems Integration (PSI) subteam. He also spent a summer interning with EcoCAR at Argonne National Laboratory.

“HEVT showed me that I wanted to go into the automotive industry early in my collegiate career,” said Krusen. “This then allowed me to tailor my classes towards this passion and take classes focused on automotive applications which then made me a better candidate for the jobs I was searching for.”

After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2020, Krusen went on to work at General Motors. Currently, he is an engineer in their TRACK program. The TRACK program is an entry-level rotational program that provides the opportunity to learn about many different components of General Motors. Krusen’s current rotation is as a Design Release Engineer in Fuel Systems.


“HEVT has prepared me for working at General Motors by providing me with knowledge and hands-on experience with vehicles,” said Krusen. “This has helped speed up my adjustment time and allow me to feel comfortable from day one in the workplace.”

As an AVTC alumni, Krusen says that working on the vehicle as much as you can and taking advantage of the networking events are crucial. Krusen says that “all of the little things you will pick up from just from working on the vehicle will result in a huge foundation that will let you excel both in finding a job and once you start the job.”

HEVT has been proud to be able to provide students with the opportunity to gain real-world hands-on experience that will help them excel both in their classes and in their careers. Tyler Krusen is another student that has excelled in both HEVT and their career through the help of programs like EcoCAR. HEVT thanks Krusen for his work with the team and wishes him the best in the future!