Where Are They Now: Purdue University’s Dylan Schmitter

After leading the communications team as the Year 1 Outreach Coordinator for Purdue’s EcoCAR 2 team, Dylan Schmitter graduated with his Master of Science in Industrial Technology with a focus on environmentally responsible manufacturing. While his thesis research focused on how manufacturing’s effects on the environment can be reduced, EcoCAR 2 broadened his horizons on how consumers can do the same.

To take a break before entering the working world, Dylan traveled through Europe and Southeast Asia for two months before moving to Seattle, WA. Dylan is now working as a manufacturing engineer at Harper Engineering, a growing aerospace company and supplier for Boeing.

Purdue University alumnus Dylan Schmitter

Purdue University alumnus Dylan Schmitter

“EcoCAR 2 has provided me with great experiences that help me everyday,” Dylan said. One aspect of Dylan’s job is to act as the liaison between design engineering and production personnel, so the ability to simplify complex technical ideas is crucial. “When I was the Outreach Coordinator, I got a lot of practice in explaining very technical things in a way that anyone can understand, and that skill has been very important in my career thus far.”

Some other skills Dylan developed while acting as Outreach Coordinator were giving thorough and exciting presentations, planning events, and managing media relations. In closing, Dylan said that “EcoCAR 2 was truly great. It provides students of all disciples with applicable real world experience – and is also a lot of fun!”