Where Are They Now Wednesdays: Todd Cimermancic

One day when he was a young child, Todd Cimermancic was riding his bike with his brother and suggested taking off the training wheels to prove to their mother that they could ride without them. While his mother scolded him, his Dad was stumped as to how a child could figure out how to remove a set of wheels on his own.

“From that point on, pretty much nothing has stayed in one piece for me,” said Cimermancic.

Todd (top left) with his Michigan Tech Challenge X team

Cimermancic, who works at Oshkosh Corporation as a Design Engineer, knew he wanted to be involved in advanced vehicle technology competitions (AVTCs) from the moment he toured Michigan Tech and met the FutureTruck team. During his first year working on FutureTruck, he didn’t have many responsibilities, but eventually, his dedication and hard work earned him the position as team leader for the Challenge X competition.

While he was scheduled to graduate a semester early, Cimermacic wanted to finish what he started and decided to take on a minor in hydro vehicle development to stay involved in Challenge X.

As with many AVTC alumni, Challenge X provided him the background to stand out with employers. At an interview with Oshkosh, the VP of Engineering handed him a business card and said, “If you don’t get a call in the next five days, give me a call and you’ll get a job.”

Cimermacic said he feels fortunate he found a company he fits so well and enjoys working for.

“And I think most of that is because of my experience, my background and my participation in Challenge X,” he said.