Year 4 Safety Tech Inspections

It’s Day 3 of Competition, and teams are excitedly passing Safety Tech Inspections one by one.   So far, 8 teams have successfully completed the inspection required before they run any dynamic competition events. Georgia Tech was the first to pass, followed closely by Ohio State University.

EcoCAR 3 Year 4 CompetitionSafety, as always, is an important part of the competition. The process is a thorough evaluation of the vehicles from the mechanical and electrical standpoint to ensure vehicle safety.  The inspection includes items such as checking the vehicle braking system, testing the vehicle for oil and exhaust leaks, and making sure the high voltage system is safe and secure.

“We’ve been proud of all the teams this year,” said Lucas Shoults, who is Event Captain for Safety Tech and has a team of 7 inspectors. “We can see how hard the teams have been working as we inspect the vehicles.”

EcoCAR 3 Year 4 CompetitionOnce teams pass these inspections, they will then move on to other qualifying events such as on-road safety evaluation. After that, teams can compete in the dynamic events, including a 100-mile emissions and energy consumption event, braking and acceleration, dynamic consumer acceptability, and drive quality.

EcoCAR 3 Year 4 Competition

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