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Located in Hamilton Ontario, just a short drive from the US-Canada border, the McMaster EcoCAR team prides itself on hard work, collaboration, and friendship. The team started in 2014, when EcoCAR 3 launched, inaugurating McMaster into the competition. Since then, the team has been consistent over 8 years, putting in blood, sweat, and tears to compete in the one of the most prestigious engineering competitions in North America.


The McMaster University EcoCAR team mission is to enhance electric vehicle technologies through the implementation of advanced propulsions and automated vehicle features, by means of a diverse and multidisciplinary team of students. The MAC EcoCAR Team is working towards a common goal: delivering a highly efficient Electric Vehicle, with extensive autonomous features, a simple user interface, and passenger comfort while considering accessibility.


  • Place Top 5 in the competition.
  • Promote inclusivity, and have members personally connect and feel comfortable with one another, while supporting diversity and equity.
  • Submit all deliverables well in advance.

Team Members

Dr. Ali Emadi

Lead Faculty Advisor

LinkedIn Profile

Ali Emadi received the B.S. (1995) and M.S. (1997) degrees in electrical engineering with highest distinction from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. He also received his Ph.D. degree (2000) in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA. He is currently the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) Laureate and a Professor in the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is also the holder of the NSERC/FCA Industrial Research Chair in Electrified Powertrains and Tier I Canada Research Chair in Transportation Electrification and Smart Mobility.


Dr. Mark Lawford

Connected Automated Vehicle Systems Faculty Advisor

Mark Lawford is Professor and Chair of the Department of Computing and Software at McMaster University and past Director of the McMaster center for Software Certification (McSCert). Dr. Lawford is an expert in software certification, application of formal methods to safety critical real-time systems, and tool-supported safety-critical software engineering. In the past 5 years he has been the PI on over $6M of funding including the $862k NSERC Collaborative R&D grant "Safety assurance at GM and using model management to support it". He also has several ongoing research projects with Stellantis, including as a co-PI of the recently announced $10M FedDev funded McMaster integrated Hub for automotive, aerospace and advanced manufacturing network (iHub). Dr. Lawford has extensive automotive software and safety publications on topics such as safety assurance cases, ISO 26262, tool supported model-based development of automotive software and next generation E/E architectures. He has a proven track record of successful industrial research collaborations. In 2014 he was a co-recipient of the prestigious Chrysler Innovation Award and is a past co-recipient of an Ontario Hydro Innovation Award. He has trained nearly 100 students, postdocs and research engineers, and has been particularly successful in seeing many of his graduates go on to employment in the automotive industry. His dedication to training the next generation of automotive engineers is evidenced by his role as the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) Faculty Advisor for the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR EV Challenge team.

Nilou Keshmiri

Project Manager

Nilou Keshmiri is in her final year of PhD studies at the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre. She specializes in the control and optimization of power electronic DC/DC converters for electrified transportation applications. She is currently the Project Manager of the McMaster EcoCAR EV Challenge at McMaster University. Her research and professional interests include electric vehicles, more electric aircraft, team leadership and management of a multidisciplinary team. Her hobbies include playing basketball and baking.

Julian Lombardi

Communications Manager

Julian is a third-year business student at the DeGroote School of Business, specializing in Marketing and pursuing a minor in innovation. As a big fan of trying new things, Julian joined the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR team to expand his horizon of experiences and to learn about the ins and outs of automotive technology. Above all, he is most excited about getting the EcoCAR name around campus and placing first in the competition.

Mymoon Bhuiyan

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusio Manager

Mymoon Bhuiyan is a third year materials engineering student with a strong interest in creating a brighter future for engineers. His activist work spans many fields including environmental justice, housing, transportation, divestment, and engineering culture. Moon started on the EcoCAR team in his first year as a CAVs member. He has also served on the HMI team.

Alexander Allca-Pekarovic

Propulsion, Controls, & Modeling Co-Lead

Alexander Allca-Pekarovic attended the W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology from the Engineering Faculty of McMaster University. He graduated with a B.Tech degree in Automotive & Vehicle Engineering Technology, an advanced diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology, and a certificate in Business, from Mohawk College. He joined the McMaster Automotive Resource Center in January 2019 as a master’s student in the department of Mechanical Engineering. He transferred to pursue a Ph.D. degree within the department in May 2020, under the supervision of Dr. Emadi. He has investigated the effects on vehicle energy consumption of various electric drive system components, namely Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) traction inverters and an axial flux permanent magnet (PM) machine. This work has involved modeling of these components and validating them against experimental data obtained from dynamometer testing. Further dynamometer testing has been essential for motor characterization. His thesis revolves around the energy management of multi-motor electric vehicles.

Lucas Rajotte

Propulsion, Controls, & Modeling Co-Lead

Luc Rajotte is a 5th year student in the Bachelor of Technology – Automation Engineering Technology program at McMaster. He has been a member of the McMaster EcoCAR team since year 2 of the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge competition in 2019, beginning as a Propulsion Controls and Modeling (PCM) sub-team member and is now the Undergraduate PCM Lead since 2021. Luc will be graduating this December and will be pursuing a Master of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering at McMaster beginning in January 2023.

Arthur Faron

Connected Automated Vehicle Systems Lead

Arthur Faron is currently pursuing a M.A.Sc. in software engineering at McMaster University. He previously completed his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechatronics Engineering & Society (Co-op) at McMaster University. He first joined the McMaster EcoCAR team during the third year of the EcoCAR 3 challenge in 2016 as a member of the Propulsion Controls and Modeling team. In 2017 he successfully secured McMaster’s place in the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge through being a part of the Technical Proposal team before becoming a member of the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) team. In 2019 and 2021 he was the undergraduate CAV lead for the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge. In 2022 he took the role of graduate CAV lead for the EcoCAR EV challenge.

Adam Gleeson

Systems Design and Integration Lead

Adam Gleeson is a M.A.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, working on the EcoCAR EV Challenge at the McMaster Automotive Research Center. He has been working in the Automotive industry since he finished his undergraduate degree, and he is excited to be part of this team doing some groundbreaking design work. He looks forward to learning from his colleagues and sharing his experiences with them.

Liam Strijckers

Electrical Team Lead

4th year Computer Engineering student and Squishmallow enjoyer.

Carolyn Visser

Mechanical Team Lead

4th year Mechanical and Society student.

George Yazji

Human Machine Interface & User Experience Co-Lead

George is in his third year of Software Engineering at McMaster University. He is a huge fan of technology and loves to code in his free time. He is always ready for new challenges and looks forward to what the future holds and what McMaster EcoCAR will do in this challenge.

William (Willie) Pai

Human Machine Interface & User Experience Co-Lead

Willie is a UI/UX enthusiast, and he loves mobile application development. Also, he is a Rubik's Cube speedcuber!

Samuel Khzym

Connected Automated Vehicle Systems / Propulsion, Controls, & Modeling Technical Specialist

Samuel is a third-year software engineering student at McMaster on co-op this year at GM! He finds software development really fulfilling, and he is passionate about being someone who accelerates the timeline of getting safe self-driving vehicles on the road. He has learned so much from EcoCAR over the past few years and is very grateful for the knowledge gained and the community he has become a part of. Some hobbies of his include watching YouTube, learning guitar, and playing video games, especially ones with a great story.

Alastair Irvine

Systems, Design, & Integration Technology Specialist

Alastair is enrolled in his 3rd year of mechatronics engineering. This will be his 3rd year on the EcoCAR team.

Muhammad Ali Khan

Assistant Project Manager

Muhammad Ali is looking forward to collaborating with the sub-teams to create an impactful EcoCAR experience for everyone!

GET InvolveD

At the start of every year, the McMaster Engineering team gets heavily involved in McMaster campus activities to recruit students. The team attends club fest, faculty fest, and hosts two information sessions at the beginning of the term in September. After that, the team conducts what is called a “Development Challenge”, where students are tasked with the challenge of solving a problem related to a specific EcoCAR role. There are a total of five development challenges: PCM, Mechanical, Electrical, CAVs and HMI. During this time, our members gauge which students are interested in EcoCAR, and then invite them to join the team. If students wish to join the team later in the year, current members can recommend friends, and the lead team will evaluate if said student is a great fit or not. The McMaster EcoCAR team takes recruitment as a serious task and wants all members to be just as passionate as they are.

Contact Information


200 Longwood St S, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


You can contact the McMaster EcoCAR Project Manager-Niloufar Keshmiri, or the Communications Manager- Julian Lombardi, at