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Year 2 Competition

About The Year 2 Competition

From May 13 – May 22, 2024, EcoCAR students, faculty, sponsors, and organizers gathered in Yuma and Phoenix, AZ for the EcoCAR EV Challenge Year 2 Competition. This competition brought together the 13 teams who each embarked on their own journey to engineer a next generation battery electric vehicle (BEV) that utilizes automation and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity to implement energy efficient and customer-pleasing features, while meeting the decarbonization needs of the automotive industry.

During Stage 1, teams gathered in Yuma, AZ, at the General Motors Desert Proving Ground to undergo vehicle technical inspections that evaluated the safety and quality of the team’s vehicle integration and functionality. Teams were joined by over 100 industry sponsors providing hands-on support and troubleshooting assistance over five intensive days.

During Stage 2, EcoCAR teams transitioned to Phoenix, AZ, to give static presentations that showcased hard work and effort from Year 2 to sponsors and judges across each of the key the areas of the program: Engineering, Project Management, Communications, and Equity in Mobility. Stage 2 featured special events such as a Sponsor Social Networking and Recruitment event, as well as team and faculty celebrations.

The competition finale on May 22nd included a Sponsor Social Networking & Recruiting event where sponsors had the opportunity to recruit the competition’s top talent. The day concluded with the Year 2 Awards Ceremony where teams took home more than $100K in prize money.

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