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About Sponsorship

Sponsors provide hardware, software, training, and mentorship to support the teams in the development of their competition vehicles. Sponsors are able to observe how their technology performs during rigorous and innovative use. They also have the opportunity to meet, work with, and recruit the nation’s most motivated and talented engineering students.

Why Sponsor?

  • Recruit premier engineering talent
  • Product development / beta testing​
  • Product exposure & usage​
  • Network with other sponsors
  • PR / social media exposure​​
  • Giving back / student mentorship​
  • STEM / community outreach / DEI​

Student Recruiting

Sponsors are connected with the nation's best and brightest engineers and business students through the following activities:

  • Recruiting events during in-person workshops and competitions
  • Virtual career fairs to supplement in-person recruiting events
  • Digital EcoCAR student resume books
  • Opportunities to promote job postings through EcoCAR team mailing lists

Visibility: Public relations and Media Engagement

EcoCAR sustains a robust effort to promote the EcoCAR program and its sponsors on a regular basis throughout the year.

This includes:
  • Ongoing and active social media presence
  • Media engagement and PR opportunities
  • Sponsor decals on EcoCAR vehicles
  • This website!

Product Exposure and Usage

Sponsor products are showcased in team vehicles during competition events and outreach events​ and are often highlighted during student presentations to panels of industry sponsors. Students also gain knowledge about working with sponsor products and carry that forward to future jobs in the industry.

EcoCAR Events & Networking Opportunities

AVTCs holds 2-3 training workshops each year of the program plus a year-end competition. These workshops provide strategic technical training to teams to equip them for success in the upcoming year. During year-end competition students test their team vehicles and deliver polished technical presentations on variety of topics to panels of EcoCAR sponsors. These events provide sponsors with opportunities to interact with students, network with other sponsors, judge presentations, promote sponsor products, and recruit the best and brightest students from the current series.

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