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The Mississippi State EcoCAR team aims to equip students with knowledge that can be carried into their careers. MSU has been involved in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions since Challenge X in 2004, enabling us to provide students with valuable opportunities through industry-level experience.

The team is made up of 10 leaders that guide each of its engineering and non-technical teams. Through its diverse skill sets and majors, MSU plans to develop a successful team that equips students with real-world knowledge to carry into their future careers.

During Challenge X, the team won two overall 1st place finishes. In the EcoCAR Next Challenge, it won one overall 1st place ranking, and another 1st place in EcoCAR 2. Last year, the team finished 7th overall out of the 13 teams, with a 1st place finish in project management and a 1st place award for our technical design review of the All Wheel Drive architecture. 


The Mississippi State University EcoCAR team seeks to build better students by creating a diverse environment that promotes excellence and integrity to empower students as they prepare for the future workforce.

The team strives to provide students with hands-on educational experiences to widen their skills as they enter the workforce.


  • Encourage all sub-team members to get involved and empower every student to reach their future goals through the unique experiences EcoCAR provides.
  • Create a safe, reliable and refined vehicle.
  • Promote education, awareness and advocacy to the community about all relevant mission and goals.

Team Members

Dr. John Ball

Lead Faculty and Connected Automated Vehicle Systems Advisor

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Dr. Ball is an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Mississippi State University. He also holds the Guyton Chair for Teaching Excellence and is the lead advisor for MSU's EcoCAR EV Challenge team.

His research interests are signal and image processing, autonomy and wearables. Dr. Ball has published over 100 papers and has been funded by NASA, NOAA, NSF, AFRL, ARO, ERDC and several private companies. 

Timothy Wunrow

Project Manager

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Timothy Wunrow is a master’s student studying industrial engineering with a focus in management and data analytics.

He was raised in Memphis, TN and got his bachelor's degree in industrial engineering at Mississippi State in May 2022. This is his second year leading the MSU EcoCAR team and has had a wonderful experience learning, growing and struggling with the team of talented students.

A few of his hobbies are mountain biking and hiking with his wife, playing music and finding new board games. He is a huge "Lord of the Rings" nerd and likes learning about invented languages.

Jessika Chin Quee

Equity in Mobility Lead

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Jessika Chin Quee is the Equity in Mobility Lead for the MSU EcoCAR team.

She is a junior majoring in business administration. She wants to become a successful entrepreneur and she is excited for what awaits her on her journey to becoming one!

She is from Kingston, Jamaica where her family resides, and she enjoys going to the beaches there! She is very grateful to be a part of her university's EcoCAR team, which she views as her second family. She loves the culture of the team and how everyone gets along to seamlessly!

Nathan Reynolds

Systems, Design & Integration Lead

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Nathan Reynolds is currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Mechanical Engineering at Mississippi State University. His expected graduation date is May 2024.

During his time at MSU, he has served as the System Design and Integration team lead for the MSU EcoCAR Team for 3 years. 

Jagdeo Singh

Propulsion Controls and Modeling Lead & Chief Engineer

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Jagdeo Singh has worked with the Mississippi State University EcoCAR team for two years. He started as a member of the team’s Propulsion Controls and Modeling sub-team and was promoted to be the team’s PCM undergraduate lead.

In this role, he has worked on controls development, simulations and testing to support the team in transforming a 2019 Chevrolet Blazer into a semiautonomous mild hybrid electric vehicle. Moving forward into the EcoCAR EV Challenge, Jagdeo has assumed a new position as the chief engineer & Propulsion Controls and Modeling graduate lead to manage the technical aspects of the project and develop the propulsion supervisory controller for the team's LYRIQ.

Jagdeo completed his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering at MSU in August 2022 and is now pursuing his Master of Science in electrical and computer engineering.

Fahmida Islam

Connected Automated Vehicle Systems Lead

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Fahmida is a Ph.D. student at Mississippi State University  in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. She finished her BS in electrical, electronic and communication engineering from the Military Institute of Science & Technology, Bangladesh.

Her research interests are signal processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, reinforcement learning, autonomous vehicles and sensor processing. She started her work as an engineer in Bangladesh in the telecommunications industry. Later, she decided to start her higher education in the United States. At the beginning of her Ph.D., she worked as a teaching assistant in the ECE department of MSU. She has also worked as a research assistant in the Computational Intelligence and Learning System Laboratory, where she worked on a project funded by the National Institute of Justice.

Currently, she is working at MSU EcoCAR as the graduate lead of the Connected and Automated Vehicles team. Her plan after graduation is to get into the automotive industry as a senior engineer. 

Connor Kangheng

System Safety Lead

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Connor Kangheng is currently majoring in mechanical engineering and continuing his third year on the MSU EcoCAR team.

In high school, he participated in many robotics competitions, and he believes that MSU EcoCAR is a great place for him to continue his interest in robotics and engineering.

Jacob Roberts

Connected and Automated Vehicles Undergraduate Lead

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Jacob Roberts is currently the Connected and Automated Vehicles undergraduate lead for the MSU EcoCAR team. He works within software engineering and sensor processing for autonomous vehicles.

Matthew Riggsbee

Propulsion Controls and Modeling Associate Lead

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Matthew Riggsbee is the Propulsion Controls and Modeling associate lead for MSU EcoCAR. He is a mechanical engineer who has a focus on automotive controls. He has a passion for anything to do with vehicles, small to large. 

Cody Schexnaydre

System Design and Integration Associate Lead

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Cody Schexnaydre is a second-year mechanical engineering major at MSU, and he is one of the Systems Design and Integration leads on MSU’s EcoCAR team.

Learning industry-level standards and practices, he is thrilled to be involved in so many high-level tasks, working alongside fellow engineers towards one goal: Showcasing the future of electric vehicles. 

Savannah Fort

Communications Manager

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Savannah Fort is from Franklin, Tennessee. She currently a senior pursuing a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. Last year she was a part of the communications subteam and she is thankful for the opportunity this year to be a member of the leadership team. She has enjoyed growing her skills and becoming a more confident person through working with this team. One fact that most people don’t know about her is that she is a big sports fan and hopes to do social media for motorsports in the future. 

GET InvolveD

The team has many opportunities for students from all majors to become involved with our organization. It has several paid leadership positions that students can apply for, including:

  • Project Manager
  • Chief Engineer/Technical Specialist
  • System Safety Lead; Communications Manager
  • EiM (Equity in Mobility) Lead
  • Propulsion, Controls, and Modeling (PCM) Lead
  • Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) Lead
  • System Design and Integration (SDI) Lead.


Each team leader has a sub-team of students who are an integral part of the success of the team. Sub-team member positions are available and welcomed year-round. 

Weekly meetings are held every Wednesday at our CAVs Research Building at 6PM. All teams have weekly sub-team meetings that are held by the team leaders and provide insight into the project and review deliverables. 

Attending events planned by the Communications and EiM team gives sub-team members another opportunity to make connections and provide support to our organization.  

Contact Information


75 B. S. Hood Rd, Mississippi State, MS 39762


Project Manager – Timothy Wunrow

Faculty Advisor – Dr. John Ball

Faculty Advisor- Dr. Joonsik Hwang