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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

EcoCAR EV Challenge includes a major focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Energy and Environmental Justice Initiatives. These areas will be incorporated into all areas of the program, including an Equity in Mobility Challenge which challenges the teams to identify and address specific equity issues in mobility through the application of innovative hardware and software solutions.

Through community education and outreach, teams will:

  • Engage underserved and underprivileged audiences
  • Increase STEM literacy amongst youth grades K-12
  • Build relationships with legislators & local community partners to promote equity for all

Equity in Mobility Challenge

The Equity in Mobility Challenge will task EcoCAR teams with conducting community-engaged research on systemic inequities in mobility and identifying ways to address them. Students will learn to problem solve through an equitable and accessible lens as they develop project proposals to address mobility inequities in underserved communities and vehicle design inequities affecting underrepresented groups.

DOE is committed to the Justice40 Initiative, an integral part of the Biden Administration’s commitment to securing energy & environmental justice (EEJ) for disadvantaged communities and has sponsored the Equity in Mobility Challenge to incorporate EEJ efforts into the EcoCAR program.

Equity in Mobility Challenge Goals

  • Teach students to problem solve through an equitable & accessible lens
  • Bring awareness to systematic inequities in mobility and potential avenues to address them

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