Sponsoring competitions

Sponsoring AVTC Competitions

AVTCs are transforming engineering education in North America and sponsors are providing the tools and mentoring to enable that transformation. Sponsors provide cutting edge engineering software, as well as industry-leading components and other hardware. They also provide subject matter experts to mentor and guide the teams through the vehicle development process. As a result, students gain a unique, hands-on, real-world educational opportunity in- automotive research and development at the leading edge of technology.

Sponsoring AVTCs are mutually beneficial for companies and the competitions. Sponsors introduce the next generation of engineers and leaders to their company’s products which they will take with them into their careers. As a result, sponsors are exposed to hundreds of top engineering talent, often recruiting top graduates in the field of engineering, business or communications. Sponsors also receive high visibility by publicly demonstrating their commitment to the future of education, the U.S. economy, and the environment. They also benefit from access to new and unique ideas and technological innovations that the teams incorporate into their advanced technology vehicles.

AVTCs are made possible by the U.S. Department of Energy and dozens of other government and industry organizations. Sponsors join this group of automotive and engineering leaders to foster a cooperative mentoring and educational opportunity for AVTC students that will help shape their careers as they enter the auto industry.

Depending on sponsorship level, opportunities can include:

  • Marketing: Opportunity to showcase your products to students as well as other competition-level sponsors
  • Recruiting: Opportunity to recruit top talent in the field of engineering, business and communications; post job announcements, receive resume CDs, and attend 1-3 annual recruiting events
  • Visibility: Organization’s presence on the EcoCAR website, print materials, and competition programs, company’s logo on the team vehicle, and table top exhibits at Sponsor Social Recruiting & Networking Events
  • Complimentary passes to EcoCAR workshops and final competition where sponsors can judge the universities as they compete in EcoCAR events
  • Title sponsor your own award showcasing your company’s products

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Kristen Wahl, Director
Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions
Center for Transportation Research
Argonne National Laboratory