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Bosch’s Drive: Catalyst for EcoCAR EV Innovation

Written by: Elizabeth Fox

In the dynamic world of sustainable automotive engineering, Bosch plays a pivotal role as a key sponsor in the EcoCAR EV Challenge. Bosch, founded in 1886, is not just a financial supporter of the university teams, but a catalyst for innovation, aligning seamlessly with the competition’s goal of pushing the boundaries of green technologies.

Bosch’s rich history as an automotive trailblazer positions it as an ideal partner to support the university teams. Specializing in Mobility, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy & Building Technology, Bosch’s collaboration is integral to the competition’s mission. Bosch provides participating teams access to technical support, physical components, and crucial guidance, empowering students to confidently explore new frontiers in sustainable mobility.

Bosch’s advanced development of Controller Area Network (CAN) allows teams to communicate with and monitor crucial sub-systems within the Cadillac LYRIQ safely and reliably. Bosch also provides industry leading automotive components such as coolant pumps which are designed to meet the cooling needs of the LYRIQ’s propulsion system in even the most extreme environments. This infusion of cutting-edge technology enables teams to develop innovative and efficient solutions.

Bosch’s technology goes beyond theory, finding practical application in students’ lives. Advanced sensors, electric drive systems, and energy management solutions enhance vehicle performance, elevating the overall reliability and efficiency of the electric vehicles designed by participating teams.

Bosch’s technology finds practical application within the EcoCAR EV Challenge. During the Year 2 Winter Workshop in Detriot, MI, Cason Konzer led a session on setting up and collecting test data, while Claudia Gutekunst spearheaded a thermal system review. This collaborative approach applies Bosch’s technology and cultivates a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration amongst the teams.

Bosch’s sponsorship continues to be a driving force behind the Hokie Electric Vehicle Team’s innovation, while pushing the boundaries of sustainable mobility, shaping a greener future together. To learn more about the EcoCAR EV Challenge and Bosch’s contributions by following HEVT and Bosch on social media @VT_HEVT and @boschusa!