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Excellence in Leadership Recognized at the Year 2 Competition: Ajay Suresh and Braeden Dickson Honored

During the Year 2 Competition, over 40 awards were given to teams to recognize outstanding efforts in the areas of engineering, project management, communications, and equity in mobility. One of the most notable awards given is the Excellence in Leadership Award, which is judged by competition organizers through testimonials submitted by teams. The Excellence in Leadership Award, a testament to notable leaders on the EcoCAR teams with exceptional contributions, underscores the importance of effective leadership within the EcoCAR EV Challenge.

Ajay Suresh, the Runner-Up for the Excellence in Leadership Award, hails from the University of California Davis. In his role as Project Manager, Ajay has orchestrated remarkable progress for the UC Davis EcoCAR team. Within a short span of two years, he has led the team to unprecedented success. Ajay’s passion for improvement and his unwavering support for his team members has been pivotal in achieving this feat. Through initiatives like “Supercharged Saturdays,” he has fostered communication and unity among team members, garnering praise from both peers and faculty advisors. Ajay’s drive, positivity, and dedication have left an indelible mark on the UC Davis EcoCAR team, inspiring others to strive for greatness.

Braeden Dickson, Propulsion Controls and Modeling Lead from Georgia Tech, has been awarded the Excellence in Leadership Award for his exemplary demonstration of servant leadership and steadfast commitment. Recognizing that true leadership transcends technical expertise, Braeden has prioritized the growth and development of all team members, ensuring sustained success for the Georgia Tech team. 

His leadership was instrumental in the team’s remarkable performance in the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge, showcasing the payoff of his approach. Braeden’s willingness to assist other teams, as evidenced by his collaboration on cybersecurity and CRC calculation, exemplifies his dedication to collective success and the growth of all participants in the competition. His leadership sets a standard of excellence for the entire EcoCAR community to aspire to.

Both Ajay Suresh and Braeden Dickson have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities that are integral to the success of EcoCAR and essential for thriving in their respective careers. Their contributions not only enhance their own teams but also uplift the entire EcoCAR community, embodying the spirit of excellence and collaboration.

Congratulations to Ajay and Braeden on their well-deserved recognition, and may their leadership continue to inspire future generations of EcoCAR participants.