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Illinois Tech EcoCAR LYRIQ Launch

Written By: Chelsea Nguyen

Recently the Illinois Tech EcoCAR team hosted the LYRIQ launch to welcome the Cadillac LYRIQ to campus! The LYRIQ launch brought together the university, community members, and industry experts to witness the unveiling of the Cadillac LYRIQ and the dedicated garage space that will house it. Our team was eager to highlight their tireless efforts and progress achieved thus far.   

The event featured a lineup of distinguished speakers that ranged from university leaders to industry partners and sponsors. Each speaker shared valuable insights on innovation at Illinois Tech and a glimpse into the future of mobility. 

Kicking off the proceedings with enthusiasm, Jonathan Sorg, the Illinois Tech EcoCAR’s project manager, introduced the team and outlined the scope of the EcoCAR EV Challenge. Raj Echambadi, President of Illinois Tech, followed suit, emphasizing the importance of experiential and transdisciplinary learning, as well as the university’s commitment to clean energy. Kenneth T. Christensen, Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, echoed these sentiments, and emphasized the relevance of the student’s education to their future careers. EcoCAR students have the unique opportunity to do so through hands-on learning with the Cadillac LYRIQ while working with industry partners.

Douglas Monieson, CEO of UICO and a vital supporter of the Illinois Tech EcoCAR team, took the stage next. As a key sponsor, Monieson emphasized the transformative experience of participating in EcoCAR and encouraged the team to explore all avenues in their pursuit of innovation. Gen Sasaki from MathWorks, a headline sponsor, highlighted the company’s contribution to the EcoCAR EV Challenge, emphasizing the crucial role of experiential learning in shaping a cleaner and brighter future. Finally, Sorg then introduced Carrie Hall, our faculty advisor and associate professor. Hall introduced the team leaders and their roles within the competition, and shared insights into the future of mobility while expressing the team’s eagerness within the competition.

The Illinois Tech LYRIQ launch was a celebration of innovation and collaboration. It signifies Illinois Tech’s commitment to fostering innovation and dedication to the future of mobility. The work done by students is truly enhanced by the support of the university, community, and sponsors. The team looks forward to the future and eagerly anticipates the challenges to come.