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Meet Marlen Rojas: Explore her journey with the CSULA & Cerritos College’s BattChallenge team

By: Kat Bonomo

Marlen Rojas is the treasurer for California State University, Los Angeles and Cerritos College’s Battery Workforce Challenge collegiate competition team. She is a key player for the crew’s project management swimlane. Rojas has much excitement, motivation and aspirations for her involvement in the three-year competition.

The CSULA student holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine in business economics. She feels fortunate to have the opportunity to return to school to pursue her passion in electrical engineering and aims to help create a sustainable world. Participating in the BattChallenge has helped her develop a stronger purpose in her field to take on climate change actions.

Rojas plays a crucial role in the CSULA & Cerritos College’s BattChallenge team, ensuring the crew’s financial goals. As for what excites her the most about the BattChallenge? It’s the hands-on experience of integrating an EV battery pack.

“It’s a thrilling opportunity to bridge theoretical knowledge with practical application,” Rojas said, “and witnessing the transformation of ideas into tangible solutions is truly exciting.”

Every venture holds the promise of personal and professional growth. For Rojas, BattChallenge is not just about building a cutting-edge EV battery pack, it’s also about developing a wide variety of skills.

“I hope to take away teamwork and problem-solving skills involved in engineering projects,” Rojas said.

Sustainability is a driving force for the Battery Workforce Challenge, which excited Rojas and many passionate students.

“Sustainability is important to me,” she said. “I was interested in joining the BattChallenge to delve into the emerging clean energy technologies.”

The CSULA & Cerritos College team has a shared vision for a green future and is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Rojas decided to take on the role of treasurer because she was excited about being part of the project management team and being able to work with all the teams in their design, build and testing phases.

She is an example of the team’s motivation and talent. For Rojas and her teammates, the BattChallenge is more than a project; it’s a shared journey towards a sustainable future. Rojas is enthusiastic for the hands-on learning and channeling the energy that will propel the CSULA & Cerritos College BattChallenge team forward.

We are excited to share our journey with the BattChallenge community. Rojas is a talented woman in STEM who has served as an inspiration for our members. We will continue to highlight strong members, community engagement and even our garage. Continue to catch up with our progress by following @CSULABattChallenge on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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