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Sponsor spotlight: Eaton’s Scott Sullivan finds sponsorship, year one competition ‘extremely rewarding’

By Em Jankauski

Tomorrow doesn’t invent itself. It’s critical for the next generation of the battery workforce to be mentored by companies, gaining unique access to components, systems and know-how that will most certainly lead to unprecedented discoveries.

Enter Scott Sullivan, Eaton’s technical strategy lead for eMobility, who announced the company’s sponsorship of the Battery Workforce Challenge collegiate competition during its year one competition earlier in May. Here Sullivan was able to share Eaton’s excitement about developing new eMobility products and technologies as well as take part in the first-ever BattChallenge competition, networking with student and faculty participants and judging technical presentations.

Check out this experience from a sponsor’s point of view. Explore Sullivan’s Q&A.


Scott Sullivan

Q: How does your participation in the Battery Workforce Challenge add value to your work at Eaton?
“The students’ energy, enthusiasm and curiosity are contagious, and I returned from the Battery Workforce Challenge with great expectations for the future of our industry as these young engineers drive the future of electrified mobility. 

“At Eaton, we are always trying to develop new and unique ideas, and these students bring new perspectives to problem solving and developing technical solutions for the most challenging issues. These students should all be very proud and embrace their energy and enthusiasm as they move forward in their mobility careers.”

Q: As a sponsor, what impressed you the most about the Battery Workforce Challenge’s Year One Competition?
“Eaton is committed to learning and helping foster young engineers and giving back to the communities in which we live and work. As such, my Battery Workforce Challenge Year One Competition experience left me inspired by the young aspiring engineers and their enthusiastic attitudes that help shape the future of transportation. Overall, it was a great finale to year one, and I was left very impressed by the extremely well-organized event with high energy staff and very talented student teams.”

Scott Sullivan, Eaton’s technical strategy lead for eMobility, presents during the Battery Workforce Challenge Year One Competition Awards Ceremony held at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago on May 9.

Q: What was your favorite part about interacting with the students at the BattChallenge Year One Competition?
“I had the pleasure of interacting with the students during the Sponsor Social and the Technical Design Review judged event. (I) was especially impressed with the team presentations.

“Helping to pass on my experience to these students is extremely rewarding, as they will lead us through the transformation of mobility to a sustainable future. This was a primary reason we chose to participate in this great event and is one of the core values we have at Eaton. 

“As the industry transitions towards electrification, these students are gaining great product development experience that prepares them for an impactful career in our electrified vehicle future.”

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