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The OSU/WU Team Welcomes the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ

Written by: Grace Yeh

With much anticipation, Ohio State’s Center for Automotive Research (CAR) greeted the sleek and impressive Cadillac LYRIQ for the very first time this fall. The much-anticipated event marked a significant milestone, uniting academia and industry in a showcase of cutting-edge automotive technology.

The stage was set for an unforgettable unveiling—an event meticulously planned to captivate both students and employees of CAR. The LYRIQ, an embodiment of General Motor’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, stood at the center of attention, gleaming with cutting-edge technology. Students, faculty, and industry professionals gathered around, eager to explore the features and advancements that set this specific electric vehicle apart from others.

The LYRIQ boasts Cadillac’s sophistication with futuristic design, and it was incredibly fun for students and faculty to explore. The attendees were able to sit in the car and go on test drives, experiencing the luxury of the LYRIQ in full force.

The significance of the LYRIQ’s unveiling extended beyond showcasing a remarkable vehicle; it symbolized a collaborative vision for the future of automotive engineering and sustainability. The presence of the LYRIQ signifies much more than just a shiny vehicle. It provides a unique opportunity for Ohio State and Wilberforce students to work together on a vehicle that is high-tech and innovative.

The arrival was a significant moment for the Center of Automotive Research, but it was even more significant to the team. It was much anticipated that once the vehicle arrived, the team immediately began working.

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