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NXP Sponsors EcoCAR EV Challenge: Empowering Future Automotive Innovators

Leadership-level sponsor NXP Semiconductors is a global leader in providing comprehensive system solutions that drive innovation and ensure safety and security across the automotive industry. With a broad and scalable portfolio, NXP enables fast time to market for cutting-edge vehicle technologies while upholding stringent quality standards through their Zero Defects methodology.

For this series, NXP provides resources that empower student teams to push the boundaries of automotive engineering, such as valuable training to students, mentorship, financial support, and hardware such as NAVQPlus. The NAVQPlus edge compute board is equipped with LCDs and peripherals like haptic feedback boards, CAN bus interfaces, and ethernet switches. These tools enable EcoCAR teams to integrate custom algorithms for external perception and develop connected in-cabin features, thereby enhancing the overall user experience of their vehicles.

NXP support aids in the development of cutting-edge automotive technologies and fosters a diverse and inclusive pool of future leaders in the automotive industry.

Yung-Chi Kung, Connected and Automated Vehicle Lead for the UT Austin EcoCAR team, highlights the impact of NXP’s technology: “NXP products remain an integral part of the work that we do. Most Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology, which has helped our team make strides in the Connected and Automated Vehicle space.”

NXP’s continued sponsorship of the EcoCAR EV Challenge underscores their leadership in advancing automotive technology and their commitment to shaping the next generation of automotive innovators. Through their technological contributions and educational support, NXP plays a pivotal role in driving the evolution of sustainable mobility solutions.

The UT Austin EcoCAR team extends their gratitude to NXP for their unwavering support of STEM education

For more information on NXP Semiconductors and their involvement in the EcoCAR EV Challenge, visit NXP’s official website.

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